Fighting Coronavirus together.

If you are a researcher with a technology that could be useful in tackling the health crisis, please contact us so we can assist you in disseminating your technologies securely through our non-commercial Covid-19 Licensing site, made available free of charge, for promoting and non-exclusive licensing of COVID-19 relevant technologies.

If you are looking for the UCL-Ventura breathing device, you can request a licence at

Licensing made easy

E-lucid is a licensing platform that's as easy as shopping online. We power platforms for some of the world's leading universities, technology transfer and research organisations.

Delivers value

Transact almost anything

You can license and sell almost anything on the system. Across the E-lucid network, biological materials, cutting-edge software, books, image rights, healthcare surveys, hardware devices and more are being transacted successfully every day.

Save time and effort

There’s no need to do things more than once. The system automates where possible to make licensing as effortless and as quick as possible, even for products with complex approval processes.

Measure impact

Help create impact by increasing the speed and breadth of licensing, facilitating the wider distribution of research-generated IP. Demonstrate value by increasing engagement with academic and commercial contacts.

Image of E-lucid running on iPad

Looks great

Styled to match your brand

Tailor your site to reflect your organisation’s brand and build trust with your users.

Market your products and inventions

Give your technologies a home. A single platform that can hold all your IP. Add images, text, video, supporting files, academic references, customised support and more to each product. Connect it up with other networks and channels.

A consistent customer experience

A familiar eCommerce style interface makes it easy for customers to navigate and engage with E-lucid.

Totally unique features

Keep everyone in the loop

You can loop anyone you wish into the purchase process - whether it's an academic who wants approval, a business manager who wants to measure impact or the customer who wants reassurance - all can be catered for with the powerful approvals processor.

Customised approval processes

Complex authorisation chains, notification management and follow-on actions can all be handled by E-lucid. Fully customisable, yet easy to use, it is the backbone of the service and provides the backroom management for complex processes, so you don’t have to.

Take payments online and off

E-lucid supports a range of payment methods allowing you to accept credit card transactions as well as take payments offline or delay it until your own authorisation process is complete. You can also think globally, with thousands of transactions from over 60 countries handled successfully on our platforms so far.

Keep track of your licences

The system provides a single place to store licence agreements processed using the system. You and the customer can both check back at any time to check licence terms, renewal information or payment details.

Easy to set-up

Personalised training, given by real people

We provide in-person training and closely support you to get up and running online. We also welcome you into a community of some of the top universities, using E-lucid to license technologies.

Starter templates

We provide a set of starter templates that can help you customise your site quickly and easily. Most key content can be cloned too, meaning you can save even more time when setting up new products.

Cloud hosted

It's quick to set up, easily expandable and can be accessed anywhere in the world.

Use your own domain

You can use your own domain name, whether that's a top level address like or a sub-domain like We also provide additional services if you would like us to acquire and host your domain name.