How it works

An e-commerce style shopfront

We setup and customise a robust, familiar and intuitive environment on which your transactions can take place.

Product creation

Create a marketing page for each product. Add images, text, video, supporting files, academic references, product support, digital files and more. List in categories you define.

Add click-wrap licences

Create and add as many variations of the terms as you need. Associate prices with each one. Re-use licences that have been added to the system previously, saving even more time.

Set your approvals process

Create an automated approvals mechanism for multiple stakeholders. Allows academic owner to keep control or simply be notified of activity. Our optional automated licensee authorised signatory process gives you an extra level of legal protection.

Add payment options & digital product instant download

Supports credit card payment gateways and offline payments as standard. On approval and payment, digital products are available for instant download. The self-service licensing model enables you to take a passive role; executed licences and associated revenue simply “appears”.
“E-lucid has been a very timely solution to an increasing number of software licence requests. The system is easy to use, offering quick product set-up and allowing us to offer flexible licensing options for different customers.”

UMIP - The University of Manchester’s managing agent for Intellectual Property Commercialisation