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We can help you achieve impact, whether you are a PhD student or a Professor, a philosopher or a biologist, a department or a research group.

E-lucid is a platform for licensing IP online, quickly and easily. It accommodates open source, commercial, academic and dual licensing strategies and can be used to licence anything from code through to biological materials, from education materials through to publications.

Importantly, because of the way E-lucid works, it allows you to track who is licensing your technologies and allows you to engage with them prior, during or after the transaction. It also provides solid evidence via reports and on-site analytics.

E-lucid allows you to build a profile for your technology, with a dedicated page that can accommodate text, image, video, academic references, digital files, customised support and more.

If you or your organisation is interested in how E-lucid could help, get in touch and we can help you through the next steps.

How it gets used

Materials & MTAs

E-lucid has been used to successfully manage the transaction of thousands of tangible research materials under standardised agreement terms. The customisable approvals process and reusable licence feature make the platform unique in its ability to both list and automatically process requests.

Software & Digital Products

Self-contained programs, algorithms, models and more have been listed and sold through E-lucid. Dual licensing strategies fully accommodated. Set pricing per seat and/or by time period.

Physical Products

Hardware ranging from medical equipment through to consumer devices has been transacted through E-lucid. The built-in e-commerce functionality and flexibility in managing payment processes allow for both instant online purchases or traditional offline payments.

Surveys, questionnaires and publications

Questionnaires, academic surveys or publications (digital or print) are easily handled by E-lucid. Create a permanent home for your digital assets for all to link to.


Have a library of video, image, audio or other digital media? Then use E-lucid to manage and keep track of your licensees. A searchable website to host them, a process to control access and a place to track and store past transactions.


Use the E-lucid platform to publicise any patented technologies available for non-exclusive licensing. A quick and easy way to market a patent, adding as much supplementary information as you need. Set your terms and licence fee / royalty structure options up-front or “on application” and tailor your authorisation process accordingly.

How it works

List your products

Add, edit and craft your portfolio. Add video, text, image, academic references, supporting files and more. Use it as a showcase for your technologies and media.

A dual licensing strategy

Encourage entrepreneurial activity by offering a place where academic and open source licensing can sit side-by-side.

Loop in your academics

Each product can be adapted to offer academics a veto on orders or simply just inform them a transaction is in progress.

Automated processes

Even complex sign-off procedures are automated, so no project management is required. All stakeholders will be emailed (and even chased) by the platform, leaving you to get on with you day job.

Track impact

Even if a technology is being licensed for free, it is important to understand who is using it and have opportunities to follow up, or place conditions on its use, so the impact can be properly measured. Engagement and transaction data can be generated via E-lucid.

Take payments online

Take payments online, securely and efficiently – saving time for both your finance department and your customers. Offline payment options are also available.