The IP-long tail

The IP long tail is a term we have coined to indicate the right-hand region of a plot showing, for a particular piece of IP, the number of possible licence deals against its value. The area of a region on such a graph would represent the total monetary value available to ‘mine’. A long tail distribution graph is often used to demonstrate the principle that the areas of the two distinct regions of the plot, the head-end (traditional TTO mining territory) and the long tail, can be of equal value; or even that the area of the long tail area can exceed that of the head end. Traditionally technology transfer strategy has focused on achieving high returns from a limited number of licence deals for high value IP (the head end). Resource limitations have necessitated this approach, due to the narrow, if any, margin possible from processing lower-value licence deals. E-lucid enables you to mine the IP long tail cost-efficiently.

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Materials & MTAs

E-lucid has been used to successfully manage the transaction of thousands of tangible research materials under standardised agreement terms. The customisable approvals process and reusable licence feature make the platform unique in its ability to both list and automatically process requests.


Self-contained programs, algorithms, models and more have been listed and sold through E-lucid. Dual licensing strategies fully accommodated. Set pricing per seat and/or by time period.


Hardware ranging from medical equipment through to consumer devices has been transacted through E-lucid. The built-in e-commerce functionality and flexibility in managing payment processes allow for both instant online purchases or traditional offline payments.

Surveys, questionnaires and publications

Questionnaires, academic surveys or publications (digital or print) are easily handled by E-lucid. Create a permanent home for your digital assets for all to link to. We can even show you how to meet the requirements for acting as a DOI publisher for digital objects, using E-lucid (


Have a library of video, image, audio or other digital media? Then use E-lucid to manage and keep track of your licensees. A searchable website to host them, a process to control access and a place to track and store past transactions.


Use the E-lucid platform to publicise any patented technologies available for non-exclusive licensing. A quick and easy way to market a patent, adding as much supplementary information as you need. Set your terms and licence fee / royalty structure options up-front or “on application” and tailor your authorisation process accordingly.

Cast your net wider

The flexibility of E-lucid means that you are only limited by your imagination as to which IP products you could transact through it. So far, the list of research outputs that have been licensed through E-lucid includes software, images, algorithms, patented methods, spreadsheets, copyright documents/questionnaires, electronic hardware, videos, materials, genetically and non-genetically modified organisms, cell lines, vectors and plasmids. Digital products have the benefit of being able to be downloaded automatically by the customer at the conclusion of a successful transaction – the ‘no touch’ licensing approach.