An eCommerce and online licensing platform for universities and research organisations

Whether you’re an established research university looking to maximise your revenue or an organisation with no formal IP exploitation team, E-lucid will help you generate income, reduce costs and improve your Impact.

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Get a return on your investment

Deliver return on investment through sales and cost savings. By reducing the amount of administration around individual licences, E-lucid enables transactions in minutes rather than weeks and months, common to traditional methods. This enables you to monetise lower-value IP which was previously considered unprofitable but where our hands-off transactional approach now offers the possibility of a valuable return. We call it mining the ‘IP-long tail’.

Automagically handle complex sign-off procedures

Complex authorisation chains, notification management and follow on actions can all be handled by E-lucid. Fully customisable, yet easy to use, it is the backbone of the service and provides the backroom management for complex processes, so you don’t have to.

Stop repeating yourself.

Our system uses templates so that you only need create an email, licence or product type once. We use merge tags so that the system automatically customises the appropriate email templates for each customer.

An ownable sales channel.

E-lucid is provided as a managed software service, using your own domain name and hosted in the cloud. You can customise the site in line with your organisation’s brand, giving your customers full confidence when using your site. E-lucid is delivered and supported by UCL Business and administered and managed by you.

Handle online and offline payments.

E-lucid supports a range of payment methods allowing you to accept credit card transactions as well as take payments offline or delay it until your own authorisation process is complete. You can also think globally, with thousands of transactions from over 60 countries handled successfully on our platforms so far.

Demonstrate Impact

Add a new tributary to your revenue stream without redeploying significant staff effort. Help create impact by increasing the speed and breadth of licensing, facilitating the wider distribution of research-generated IP. Demonstrate value by increasing engagement with academic and commercial contacts.

What our customers say…

“Online payment and product download allows access to university products in a matter of minutes, and without manual intervention; we’ve processed a few orders where software was purchased, paid for and downloaded without any interaction whatsoever.”

–  Edinburgh Research and Innovation Ltd

“E-lucid has been a very timely solution to an increasing number of software licence requests. The system is easy to use, offering quick product set-up and allowing us to offer flexible licensing options for different customers.”

– UMIP3 (Manchester University)

“E-lucid has enabled us to tap into a typically overlooked source of revenue for TTOs; that of high volume, lower value, non-exclusive IP licensing and has also allowed UCLB to increase our engagement with the academic base by providing them with another mechanism to demonstrate impact in a quantifiable way.”

– Dr. Steven Schooling

“We’ve received positive feedback on the look and feel of the new site, it is effective promotion internally to increase invention disclosures.”

–  Edinburgh Research and Innovation Ltd